Our aim is to make Kinship Workshop affordable and appropriately priced for participants’ circumstances. We have set out a tiered structure based on annual income, including a Gift Economy/ Exchange option for most workshops. Each workshop fee includes a donation to one of the Kinship Causes.

Workshop prices do not include transport, accommodation or food.

Gift Economy / Exchange
In 2021, we trialled a Gift Economy system. Moving forward, and having learned more about our capacity to manage more circular approaches to resourcing and exchange, we are able to sustain a limited number of gift economy places on each workshop. Unfortunately we cannot accept offers from participants to lead sessions or practices during workshops.

We ask, that those that can afford to pay for the workshop (at the appropriate price tier), to go down that road. Equally, if you have expertise in various skills such as marketing, social media, photography/ video making, networking etc – we would be happy to consider working out an exchange instead of the workshop fee.
If the workshop fee is too much financially but you would still like to attend, we can have a chat about setting up an exchange of time or skills (regardless of relevant expertise) which we would agree on in advance of the workshop.
It is also important to say that there are always costs incurred in organising workshops, of which need to be covered in order to make exchanges possible. This means that we need a certain number of paying participants (depending on the workshop) before we can accept exchange participants.
We also need to be transparent in the fact that we are a very small team with a limited capacity to organise exchanges due to the extra labour involved in arranging and following up on them. In this way, we ask those wanting to set up an exchange to be as detailed as possible in their proposals including how and when they will report back the progress of the exchange.

Please indicate this on your Booking Form and we will arrange a time to discuss this further with you.

1-DAY WORKSHOP (Woolwich Common):
NB: A child/ young person between 8 and 15 years comes free with a paying adult

1-DAY WORKSHOP (Dartington):
Special flat fee – price category X: £40

2-DAY WORKSHPS (Bristol, Epping Forest, Kenilworth):

3-/ 4-DAY WORKSHOPS (Tentsmuir, Dartmoor, Cornwall):

1-DAY ONLINE WORKSHOPS (18 June, 8 October)

Please book for all workshops here: