The Kinship Workshop is a residential workshop that takes place over several days and the host plays a special role in introducing workshop participants to the local landcscape. The host either lives in or close to the local landscapes and either provides accommodation or can make introductions to local accommodation possibilities. Information on local studio hire is also very helpful.

The workshop has certain requirements outlined below. The format of the workshop is fairly flexible so please communicate any concerns or queries as they come up.

Your local knowledge is invaluable in introducing participants to the area in which we will be working. Any recommendations of interesting sites, local forage opportunities and history is most appreciated.

Accommodation: self-catering accommodation is preferred with access to a well-equipped kitchen. Depending on the season, camping possibilities can be helpful to accommodate larger numbers of participants.

Working spaces: Depending on the weather, mornings are generally spent in an inside space that is suitable for movement practice in bare feet. Afternoons are spent outside in nature, changing sites each day. A cosy indoor common space for meeting and talking is also very useful for evenings or adverse weather conditions.

Transport: Any recommendations of public transport links and shuttling services are much appreciated.

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I live in a wild place in Dartmoor, my cottage is the only human dwelling inside a large area of common land within the Dartmoor National Park. As soon as I met the land here, I knew that it was home – a place where other humans might come and join me to rest, to renew, to seek vision, to make, to write, to inhabit the land alongside all else that lives here…

I feel the rich deposits of creative embodiment left here after a workshop is done in this beautiful place. I welcome Kinship, and I am very happy to take my place in the group of people who come – and I feel the work gives me more of my home.
It is a treasure to share this place with other humans finding their way ‘home’ and into ‘Kinship with all life’. I look forward to more.

– Hilary  (Dartmoor Host 2017 & 2018)