The workshop has been inspired by a multitude of sources which feel important to recognise and credit:

Janet Kaylo
Mentoring (‘Being with Animals’ program as part of ‘The Trans-Species Movement Project’ – presence in trans-species spaces)

Gay Bradshaw
Mentoring (Sacred Bones Program and Kerulos internship)

Katye Coe
Mentoring, assistance and pilot organisation

Body Weather as taught by Frank Van de Ven
‘Bag of Bones’, ‘MB lines’, Body Landscape residential workshops

Ido Portal Method
Hanging and brachiating work (John Sapinoso); wrist strength, squat drills (Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt); circular planes (Shai Faran)

Plum Village tradition and mindfulness practices
Weather report, scanning

Mark Tomkins
Body investigation and exploration

Energy Arts Inc. Tai Chi and Qi Gong
General body principles