Each year, we are inspired by a variety of writers, thinkers, activists and practitioners.
Please find below some of this year’s references…
(This is a live document which may be updated during the season.)

The creation of Kinship Workshop has been inspired by a multitude of practitioners and sources which feel important to recognise and credit. These lists are not exhaustive and are updated from time to time.

Somatic and movement practitioners:
Janet Kaylo
Mentoring (‘Being with Animals’ program as part of ‘The Trans-Species Movement Project’ – presence in trans-species spaces)
Body Weather as taught by Frank Van de Ven
‘Bag of Bones’, ‘MB lines’, Body Landscape residential workshops
Ido Portal Method
Hanging and brachiating work (John Sapinoso); wrist strength, squat drills (Ido Portal and Odelia Goldschmidt)
Mark Tomkins
Body investigation and exploration
Energy Arts Inc. Tai Chi and Qi Gong
General body principles

Animal self-determination and trans-species ethics:
Gay Bradshaw
Mentoring (Sacred Bones Program and Kerulos internship)

Plum Village tradition and mindfulness practices
Weather report, scanning