(Updated: 19/04/2021)

“Gifts from the earth or from each other establish a particular relationship, an obligation of sorts to give, to receive, and to reciprocate.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer

This way of running Kinship Workshop is all about trying to build and strengthen relationships and communities with nature connection at its heart. As part of the application to join a workshop, we ask you to share why you would like to join and how the workshop will support your own active journey and responses to the issues of our times (for example: Climate Change, Wildlife decline or Social Justice issues). Kinship Workshop’s aim is to work towards a better relationship to nature, other animals, plant-life and communities beyond the end of the workshop. We want the content of the workshops to be used to be more active in the world.

This year we are trying out something we call a ‘Gift Economy’, where participation in a workshop goes beyond personal benefit and feeds into wider projects.

All Kinship Workshops have a financial running cost. This will differ for each workshop but we expect it to be, on average, £40 per participant. This includes a donation to one of the Kinship CAUSES.
We therefore ask participants to contribute toward these running costs with an amount that they can afford. This may be more or less than £40, depending on the individual circumstances of each person.

In addition, we actively encourage participants to think about how their experience in a workshop might help support other projects and communities where nature connection could play an important role. 

In the possibility that we are not able to accommodate every proposal, or when people are unsure what to propose, we will send an email with a list of ideas that are particularly useful for Kinship programmes. This may include supporting the launch of practice community and spreading the word via various platforms.

So a Gift Economy contribution this year could be; 
… how the experience feeds actively into other not for profit work or projects that a participant is engaged in.
… through offering some time or a skill to Kinship Workshop that supports it to grow and develop. For example marketing skills or advocacy.

We are also developing a sibling programme called Kinship Trainings which will operate in organisations to invite interconnected nature-based thinking to become an integral part of operations and output. This programme will also need a variety of skills outside and beyond our own. Therefore we might ask some participants to share skills as a contribution to the launch of Kinship Trainings. We may not be aware of your particular skill set so please do let us know in your application. 

This contribution or action, whatever it is, should be something that feels fulfilling and joyful to offer. 
This Gift Economy is an experiment for this year. It is new for us too and we welcome feedback and questions. 
If you have any questions, when completing the 2021 Booking Form, please use the Any Questions section at the bottom.
If you need some support in filling out the booking form, please do get in touch.

Travel, food and accommodation
Participants need to supply their own food and organise travel and accommodation for each workshop (if you need to stay away from home), unless it is a residential workshop.