ROUND-UP: Cych Valley & Pembrokeshire Coast 2018

The last Kinship Workshop of the year in Pembrokeshire ended almost a month ago and now Autumn feels like it’s heading to Winter: the clocks have changed and the long nights have started… but in the past few days I have been in touch with some of the participants and this week together is still present.

Taking myself back…
we were 10 strong in the group… we all ate big at a very small dining table… we moved and played in the village hall… we walked from valley to sea in a day (- a long day) and had chips on the way home… we swam in coastal and river waters… we were quiet in the ancient Atlantic rainforest that borders the Cych river… we picnicked… we explored the landscape blind… we napped outside… we talked about the importance of support and practice… and remembered the significance of working in ways like these.

…They’re simple activities. They are not extraordinary things (although sometimes they feel that way). And as I reflect on these experiences and also take time to receive the statement that the WWF made this last week on how we have lost 60% of our species populations since 1970 – I am thinking about the paradox of what is known and what actually happening in the world. When we go outside and spend time in and as nature, we know the inextricable-ness of us and it all. And this coming Winter season, I will process these thoughts and talk to others about what we do in the world that doesn’t reflect what we know… it feels very clear in me that the work done in Kinship is important and relevant in the reckoning of this dichotomy, but I also want it to be effective, efficient and accessible to and for the wider world.

I’ll write up these Cold Season Conversations over the hibernation months ahead… watch this space.

I’d like to thank Katye for her steadfast support, Stirling and Simon for such warm and tender hosting, participants for who they are and what they came with, and of course the land, the land, the land with all who live there.

Kisnhip 2019 workshops will be announced soon.

Wishing gentle Autumns all round •

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