ROUND UP: Hebden Bridge 2019

It’s been almost 2 months since Kinship went to Hebden Bridge for a 3 day workshop. Looking back at these pictures, I’m remembering some good conversations… about taking care of the individual and unique nervous systems of each other, about veganism, what’s important in the world, seeking out the edges and how we participate. And I remember sensory experiences of the aquatic walk, the vibrant foxgloves, heathery beds, bodies eager to get into cold water and quiet walking.

Many thanks to Rob Hopper and Charlie Morrissey from Wainsgate Dances for supporting Kinship to come to Hebden. I hope it makes a return.

Here are some moments:

(group photo: Rob Hopper)

Summer has been such a busy season, with some palpable urgency thrown into the mix: politics, environmental disasters, demonstrations, unrest etc. etc. I’ve started doing some reading about rewilding, reforesting, wildlife reintroduction and letting nature take its own course. As always, I’m thinking about how to make better contributions to better relationships with the environment and other animals. What to do AND not do… and whether trying hard is helpful at all. There seems to be a particular combination of not trying too hard and staying right in the intense middle of not turning my back on what I perceive to be happening. I want stay sharply engaged, I don’t want to burn out and I also have to act from where I am, in my own life, my own garden. And I don’t want to be lazy. There’s obviously something brewing…

Here are some online resources that I’ve found inspiring recently:

Fools and Dreamers:

23-year-old Food Forest:

The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible:

Don’t miss out on the KINSHIP GENERATIONS Workshop in LONDON (Wanstead Flats to Epping Forest) at the end of September… bring your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours. We’ll all bring our questions into the places we walk and move through and we’ll try to meet them all together. I hope you can make it!

Best late summer wishes to you

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