ROUND-UP: Hampstead Heath and Kenilworth 2020

It’s been a few weeks now since the last two workshops of this season. Autumn has arrived and on my walks I’ve been picking up the last apples, walnuts and some new lush greens amongst the damp grass and leaves.

I’ll take some time to reflect with Katye on this year’s workshops in a review a little later in the year, but for now – some memories to share from these two workshops.

Hampstead Heath was fairly last minute – I was asked to lead a workshop for some masters students at London School for Contemporary Dance who had been making performance work on the Heath. The workshop sat fairly early in their processes of making in which they were engaging with themes of performance ethics, impact and responsibility. All the participants were engaging with complex and rich questioning and supported by their tutor Atabey Mamasita and project assistant Natifah White. A one-day workshop is so short but we definitely went somewhere. I really appreciated these young people on the edge of questioning and learning. I look forward to seeing what they created.

A few days later, the open workshop in Kenilworth took place, with a smaller group of participants. We had good weather and spent the time in various sites surrounding the town: Crackley Wood, Kenilworth Castle, Abbie Fields, Kenilworth Common, Parliament Piece. Nice names aren’t they…? And writing these out now it sounds like a lot of places for a two-day workshop, but we took our time. It felt relaxed and spacious.

Katye and I continued the ‘and’ questions from other workshops over these two days: ‘what if I wasn’t the end site of the content of this workshop – how might this work pass through me to support movements, causes and important work in the world?’ These questions can be solemn or sobering at times, light and energising at others, but it really does give a different kind of emphasis and feels fruitful too. In the conversations and sharings it feels like mobilisation is in the air.

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