ROUND-UP: Abercych 2021

(main image description: two black rooks perch one directly above the other in a sparsely leafed tree with a blanket rain-filled light grey cloud in the background. The rooks, wings folded, with characteristic bare skin between eyes and bill, face in opposite directions, but look off towards the left)

This week together was a very special one for many reasons – not least it has been the only residential we have had for 2 years now!

Here are a few visual memories from the 5 days we spent together along the Teifi and Cych rivers in late September and the first day of October.

At this particular time of year, it can be quite warm still, but of course quite wet too – and we had a mix of both! We spent our days together in the surrounding riverscapes of Abercych village. And mid week we made what feels to be an epic day-long hike to the sea. We made this journey 3 years ago in 2018. And it felt good to make return to this water journey down to the sea through valley and Atlantic rainforest (…yes, you read correctly, rainforest!)

Many thanks to all the participants, and to Stirling and Simon for hosting us again!

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