NEW WORKSHOP: Dartmoor 10-13 September 2022

(image description: three barefoot women walk upstream in a shallow clear water river. Lush green foliage from the plants and trees on the riverbanks surround them on each side)

We’re coming back to Dartmoor!

It gives me great pleasure to announce a return to Dartmoor in September 2022. I’m excited to introduce another group to Blissmoor on the East side of Dartmoor.

This is a 4-day residential workshop running from Saturday to Tuesday. Please have a look at the What To Expect page for more information on the general format of a Kinship Workshop.

ACCESS: From home base, we will visit various locations on the moor either on foot or a short drive away. We will spend time on at least one tor and close to the Dart river and its tributaries. There are toilets at home base but no other facilities in the area. During the workshop we’ll be using footpaths, animal tracks as well as going off path completely. We will hike between sites, walking up to about 50minutes at a time. The moor has a wide variety of terrains including some steep climbs and deep valleys.

: Arrival Saturday afternoon, 10am-5pm each day Sunday to Tuesday (ending 4pm Tuesday).
WORKSHOP FEE: This is a 4-day workshop with a tiered fee based on annual income. Please add the appropriate Price Category code to the BOOKING FORM from the table below.
ACCOMMODATION (on-site): camping/ campervan (£40) and a very limited number of indoor beds in shared rooms (£60). There is a limited supply of hot water for showers or a very refreshing spring water bath!
FOOD: £40 – meals are prepared communally at home base.
TRAVEL: By car or by public transport (the nearest station is at Newton Abbott where a pick-up is available)

A percentage from this workshop fee will be donated to ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED.

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