ROUND-UP: Dundee & Tentsmuir 2018

I’ve been basking in the sun a bit today, tired but satisfied. It wasn’t like that out in Tentsmuir yesterday and the day before… we had wild weathers AND went anyway – to meet it all. There’s a silent and deafening presence of the landscape out there, somehow stark and rich at the same time. I’m so grateful to the participants for generously meeting the landscape, its inhabitants, its weather and the work with such tenacity and high spirits… wandering, walking, talking, telling, meeting, moving, showing up, teaming up, going solo, going with, being with and being part of.

Postcard from the forest…

Thanks to Tentsmuir: sea, shore, dunes, forest, pools and those who dwell there. Thanks to Scottish Dance Theatre for hosting Kinship indoor work in their Dundee studio. Thanks to Katye Coe for such generous council and support. And thanks to the seals of the Fife coast for mammal meetings and wholeheartedly doing what you do.

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photos: TG

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