ROUND-UP: Dartmoor 2018

I was walking through a town park today and thinking about Kinship… it’s possible anywhere. Dartmoor is an exceptional place, the people and support that made it happen also. Having said that, in the park, the plants grow, the jackdaw struts and the heron soars overhead… the people flock, gather and go solo too. An important part of the workshop’s invitation is an agreement we all made to be in one place and spend the time to wander, cohabit, relate and enquire. It’s so simple in a way, paradoxically also a challenge to carve the time out. For me… well it’s proving more and more worth it – the satiated satisfaction on day three, witnessing the unfolding in participants faces and my overlapped thinking, fecund slow time, the growth of capacity to dwell in unknowable things and the generosity of spaces where other animals proceed round and through our activities.





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My highlights…
Blind work, tree-time, the discoveries contained in the Preparations work in the studio, talking on grass and rocks, and the steady unfolding of people’s experiences told in their own words and bodies.

I love this work.

And if you’re curious about what on earth these things might be… Kinship Workshop comes to Pembrokeshire in Wales at the beginning of October!

Thank you to the participants who came and gave what they did. Thank you to Hilary for the generous offer of a home base, doorways to meet new places and ever-playful provocation. And many, many thanks to Katye for endless conversations, questions, suggestions, faith, trust and engagement in this meandering work.






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