ROUND-UP: Dartmoor 2019

I’ve been teaching in Holland for 2 weeks and yesterday was the second workshop of the season in Schiedam not far from Rotterdam… so I thought I better get on with some Rounding-up before they run away with me!

This year’s workshop on Dartmoor was the third time Kinship has happened there. It changes. It feels familiar. And it grows… sometimes bigger than I expect or feel prepared for!

What an amazing group of people that jumped into the work with depth and curiosity, bringing their own questions and enquiring practices. I was so pleased that we arrived at some sometimes challenging questions about change and how we respond to these current times of uncertainty… I have been afraid of these challenging questions appearing in the work – for fear of shut down. It didn’t happen, and there was rich dialogue around some big subjects… and we continued to meet new places and other beings during full days of rock, water, weather, herds and surprises.

I have such gratitude to Hilary for hosting us here in this very special place in the world. And to Katye for such intelligent support offered with strength and solidity to me, the work and the participants.

Here are a selection of images from our week together…

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