Kinship 2019: a review

The light is returning after mid-winter and there are only a few days left of this year, so here are some reflections from this past year’s Kinship Workshops.

Kinship had six outings in 2019: Dartmoor, Schiedam in Holland, Dundee & Tentsmuir Forest, Hebden Bridge, Brecon Beacons and Epping Forest. There were 36 participants and we raised £162.95 for the Kinship Causes.

Slow down and listen. That’s what I’ve been learning this season. What else is there to do? From that place, the right action seems to come with less effort and stress.

There have been a lot of new faces this year. On each day 1 of a workshop, I discover what brings people to the work and what they bring with them. When I slow down and listen, we go where we need to, we bite off what we can chew and we face what needs facing. And all that happens in the nest of the landscape and the group. And that is special.

There were three workshops that took place very near to towns and cities – just on the edge. It feels important to spend time in these kinds of places. We don’t need to go into the wilds to meet the world. It’s right here.

In Holland, I took a group of students from Rotterdam out into nearby countryside in June (yes, on bicycles!). It was so refreshing to be in a group of international young people AND out in nature. There is a whole generation ready to be curious, ask questions and take a new perspective on the world. They certainly challenged me and I was inspired to see a diverse and dynamic community at work together. Even though they need encouragement (we all do) from older generations, I place hope in them too.

I wish to thank:

  • the hosts Hilary Kneale (Dartmoor), Mirjam Streumer from The Monkies (Schiedam), Scottish Dance Theatre (Dundee), Rob Hopper and Charlie Morrissey from Wainsgate Dances (Hebden Bridge) and Mr. Powell from Cwm Llwch (Brecon Beacons)
  • Katye Coe for undying support in discussing, planning, organisation and visioning
  • the participants
  • the places and the inhabitants of those places

Next year: In the next month there will be meetings and exchanges to finalise plans for 2020. I am hoping for workshops in the four corners: Wales, Northern England, London and mainland Europe. I am also working with Katye on taking the work into settings where people make decisions about organisational direction. It’s exciting to work in these times where responses to current local and global situations are so important. I want Kinship to be part of that response.

28 images from this season to say more than words can (but still not enough)…

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