Kinship has a new website address!

This is a very late new season message… normally I would have had the programme published and started taking bookings months ago. We all know the reason why, but that hasn’t stopped Spring from springing and wild beings and places jumping into life… life moves on.
I know not everyone can spend time outdoors in natural settings, but I hope at least you have had the chance to see the leaves arriving and to take in the freshest air we’ve had in years.

I have decided, with some hesitation, there will be a programme this year. It may shift around and adapt to changing circumstances but I think it’s so important we don’t stop the practices and activities that nourish us and bring us into the regeneration that we and the whole world so need.

-All dates are subject to change/ alteration-

  • Weekend workshop, early August 2020 – HEBDEN BRIDGE (hosted by Wainsgate Dances)
  • 29&30 August 2020 – EPPING FOREST, LONDON
  • A late September weekend in Kenilworth, Warwickshire
  • A one-day workshop in Farnham, Surrey in the Autumn.

Kinship has happened at both Hebden Bridge and Epping Forest previously, so you can read the Round-Ups to these workshops here:
Hebden Bridge Round-up 2019
Epping Forest Round-up 2018
Epping Forest Round-up 2019

If changes need to be made, I will endeavour to keep all participants informed fully, with the possibility to get a refund or move to another workshop in the event of cancellation or significant alteration.

I will open booking very soon when dates are confirmed. In the mean time, if you are keen on any particular workshop, you can express your interest in an email:

If you would like to join the programme this year, please book ahead so that planning can continue and that group numbers can be known well ahead of time.
I look forward to meeting you out in these special places very soon.

Best wishes,

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