NEW WORKSHOP: Kinship @ Home 1 May 2021

(image description: with her back turned to the camera, a woman with white skin wearing dark green clothes, hands lightly clasped, stretches her arms into the air while she gazes into the long grass that surrounds her. She stands in the middle of a green field in summer time with rushes and willow trees in the background and the roofs of houses on the horizon.)

We are excited to announce the first ever Kinship @ Home workshop. We hope this one-day online workshop will be able to welcome you wherever you are in the world (time zone permitting!)

The day will be broken down into bitesize pieces to allow you to spend plenty of time away from the screen and in the outdoors. To participate you will need:

  • Good internet connection with a zoom account
  • A mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) with headphones/ earphones

We encourage you to think about a place near your home that you can easily access within about 20 minutes. This could be a garden, a local park or even a balcony… somewhere you can be outdoors and feel connected to nature and the elements around you.

During the day we will spend some time waking up our senses, moving our bodies, going outside, sharing our experiences and listening to others speak about nature connection.

ACCESS: This online workshop will use Zoom and will utilise captioning (generously supported by Stopgap Dance Company). Any audio/ visual material will have captioning and we will do our best to provide audio description where possible. There will be someone attending to the chat function throughout the workshop. Regular rest pauses will be spread throughout the day as well as time spent away from the screen. We will encourage participants to follow their own pace and take additional breaks if needed. Please get in touch if you have any further access requirements or questions.

SCHEDULE: 10am-4pm
(Donations from this workshop will support Animal Aid Unlimited)
BOOKING CLOSES: Wednesday 28th April 2021

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