(Image description: Four hazel-brown coloured ponies stand in a green field with a hedgerow and cloudy skies in the background, three ponies gaze towards facilitator Tom sitting in front of them facing toward the camera but turning back to look at them, the fourth pony is grazing towards the back of the picture. Tom is wearing a yellow beanie, a blue overshirt and is holding a folded map.
Photo credit: Luca Silvestrini as part of a Protein research project)

Here we are in another season! I am very excited to announce this year’s programme and a new Gift Economy proposal.
Of course we are not out of the woods yet in terms of the pandemic, but our intention is to get outside and right into the real woods this year!
Last year we successfully ran 4 workshops which all took place outdoors. We followed tailored guidelines to help everyone feel comfortable and we will do the same this year. As you would expect, all of the following workshops have a caveat of possible adjustments, changes and cancellations.

1st May – KINSHIP @ HOME (special online workshop)
15th & 16th May – EPPING FOREST
12th & 13th June – BRISTOL
7th & 8th August – HEBDEN BRIDGE
27th September – 1st October – ABERCYCH, PEMBROKESHIRE (residential)

This year we will trial a new Gift Economy system for all the workshops. We are proposing a skill/ time exchange for workshop places, as well as donation options. This year feels like a good time to trial a different kind of exchange and structure. Workshops won’t be free – we will ask participants to make a simple application and include a proposal for exchange or donation. We want the contents and context of the workshops to be relevant, accessible and to be more active in the world beyond the workshop itself. So we would like to know if working in a Gift Economy might help facilitate that aspiration. Filling out the new booking form will take a bit of time, but we want participants to invest in how the content of Kinship Workshop supports active responses to the issues of our times.

We can’t wait to meet you out there!

Booking will open soon. Watch this space!
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