ROUND-UP: Epping Forest 2021

(image description: two figures surrounded by holly and beech trees, dressed in a red coat and a turquoise coat. The red-coated figure stands and witnesses the seated turquoise-coated figure next to her. Underneath them the forest floor is littered with orange and brown leaves and debris.)

Epping Forest is such a welcoming place – so spacious, such soft ground, gentle slopes and vast green leaved vaults – all right on London’s doorstep.

Day one was very kind to us in regards to the weather – day two… not so much! The rain was almost torrential for a couple of hours, but luckily gave way to a very sunny afternoon for sun-soaking and clothes drying.

We were very happy to see quite a few ‘returners’ who came to Epping Forest last year or to various other past workshops. We will return next season!

Some moments from the weekend: moving and witnessing, reflecting, sun-basking and clothes drying…

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