ROUND-UP: Kinship@Home 2021

(image description: a low sun lit meadow of long grass, buttercups and small blue flowers with purple foliage, surrounded by a distant tree line)

We have been developing some online material since November 2020 to offer Kinship work to companies and organisations in order to inspire generative relations to nature. So this very much helped in preparing to facilitate the first online Kinship Workshop in May.

A group of 7 participants from Scotland, France and everywhere in between gathered online for a day of practice together. For part of the day we sent participants outside with audio practice guides. And on their return, it was so brilliant to hear their stories, meetings and encounters with bird-, animal-, plant-, and insect-life. I am starting to really value the importance of story telling as a way to process and deepen the experiences of nature both for the story teller and the story receiver. It feels very nourishing.

We also recognised the value of offering different versions of Kinship Workshop for those that may find it more challenging to come to an in-person workshop. So it’s here to stay – watch this space for the next instalment!

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