COASTAL ROAMING PROJECT: Devon 24 July – 12 August 2023

image description: A coastal scene with a series of curving bays, sandy beaches and rocky outcrops run from the foreground all the way to the background horizon. The expansive, calm and turquoise blue sea meets the coastline neatly, behind which lies a mix of agricultural fields, green grass and short trees.

This Spring and Summer we will be trying something new. We will be spending time at a few different coastal locations around the UK including the West Coast of Scotland, Cornwall and Devon. We will be moving nomadically and wild camping along the coastlines carrying what we need and hopefully nothing we don’t. The emphasis of this time is based around food and foraging: collecting plants and seaweeds, fishing and trapping crabs and lobsters too.

It’s an experimental project about kinship and connection, exploring ways to live as part of nature. Alongside the main emphasis of harvesting wild foods, we will spend a portion of each day practicing nature connection and speaking and listening exercises together.

If this sounds like something you would be interested to hear more about or would potentially be interested to join this Summer in Devon, please get in touch. This might suit people who have either been to a Kinship Workshop before or who practice wild camping, foraging, bushcraft or long-distance walking. It will involve carrying everything you might need, so it is important that participants are self-reliant. If a group forms, we may be able to share items which may mean we can carry a little less individually.

Please consider whether you can dedicate a minimum of 3 days or up to a week between the above dates. Please also consider whether you can source and carry a backpack of equipment that includes:

  • a shelter (tent or tarp) and sleep system 
  • minimal clothes including waterproofs and walking shoes
  • foraging bags
  • minimal toiletries
  • extra food, cooking equipment and eating utensils
  • water bottles and a water filter
  • some fishing equipment 
  • miscellaneous items including a knife

There are no fees to take part in this project.

Participation is by application only.

Please send Tom a message via the Contact page…

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